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My puppet in character animator is suddenly not synching with the photoshop file

New Here ,
Mar 04, 2021 Mar 04, 2021

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So I've been working on this file for a while now and just today my file started adding a second set of the internal folders with all of my layers into the character animator file, which resulted in the character being put into the scene twice, with one version having all of my behaviors, triggers and swap sets, and  the other not having them. One version also seemed to load with the wrong layers into view, for example the second version of the mouth would be active when its inactive in photoshop (set to neutral rather then smile). This has also resulted in the head movements being thrown off, as well as the body to be connected in a bizzare way. the last issue im having revolves around adding new layers. when i add a new layer to my photoshop file, it doesnt add it to the original version, rather instead it adds it to the duplicate folder, resulting in missing pieces in the original folder that i cant move from the duplicate folder. Hopfully that makes sense, the video provided shows off the problem at hand, and the other video shows how the character is suppose to move (this is a slightly earlier version but its pretty close to how it looked before this all happened).

Puppet movement , Rigging







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