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My puppet with IK and head turner won't keep its poses when turning

New Here ,
Apr 16, 2024 Apr 16, 2024

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Hello. I'm new, but I've seen a few tutorials. Anyway I made a several puppets with IK and draggers for both the legs and arms (Using this video as ref: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e85HGSAS80g), as well as IK and draggers for several body views (left, right, quarter, etc...) and what I want to do is animate the legs and arms while talking, but whenever I turn my head the other views won't follow the previous pose.

So for example, if I change the front view to have its arms up when I turn left the arms are no longer up, they're in a default pose, but the front still has its arms up. How can I record the puppet so that it maintains the poses I make it do in different side views without it snapping to the default?

OH and also; Is there a way for the whole puppet (with all side views) to be draggable by a single control point (like the "Head" control point as shown in the linked video)?

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