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Overall frustration with too many questions, I just need help period

Community Beginner ,
May 22, 2024 May 22, 2024

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Hey everyone! Sorry for the negative title, I'm just mindblowingly frustrated trying to troubleshoot all of my issues.


I've been following several YouTube guides to animate my first puppet and I'm super excited to make puppets! But I just keep running into issues that the video makers just plain don't have or talk about whatsoever.


First off, is there a community where I can ask real-time specific questions? Googling "Character Animator help with _" is growing tiresome and overwhelming because I'm not finding my specific issues. I don't want to burn out and give up, but I need better support...


Second, lip sync doesn't seem to be working for me correctly. I have all of my mouth shapes assigned, but it seems like lip sync isn't understanding my mouth when I talk. I'll make an obvious "O" mouth and it'll give something completely different or just stay at neutral. I've played with some of the settings, but I just can't get it right. My mic is great, I've got a sennhesier headset, but it feels like it's picking up random sounds and deciding those sounds are more important than the physical shape of my mouth in the camera. Or better yet, can I just get it to track my mouth without any sound dependence whatsoever? It can see my mouth, I'm just so confused why it's getting the shapes wrong.


I can't understand why my whole puppet is moving with my head. For this specific puppet, it's just a torso, a head with neck, and two arms. Anchor points don't seem to do jack. And when I click on the body folder, it's highlighting the head??? All of the head files are in the separate Head folder so I really could not even hazard a guess as to why this is happening. Frustration Frustration FRUSTRATION


Idk, I know this is a lot. Let me know what I can do to get help, maybe there's a Ch Discord community or something. I'm just so stumped and overwhelmed. But I really want to learn! These YouTube tutorials just aren't enough...

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