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Performance & Single core or multicore?

Contributor ,
Sep 22, 2022 Sep 22, 2022

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Is CA a single core or multicore software? Seems like a single core based on what I see.

Only using 25% cpu (1 cpu maxed at 4.4ghz) and CA is just bogged down. 


If it is single core, are there any plans to move it to multi to increase performance? I have so much PC, ram, spare m2 for scratch disk, and gpu all not being used and there's no such thing as a 8ghz cpu (which seems like what I'd need to make anything other than simplified puppets) run at 24fps. 


CA needs a massive performance upgrade or at least configure options for pros with highend machines. 



-option to increase ram availability 

-option to add scratch disk 

-option to run all repeated behaviors created by duplicating shared puppets as one master control (i dont mean like the existing feature where you can group in controls, but rather something that prevents the backend from wasting any bandwidth on the fact that there are multiple repeated behaviors)

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