Puppet BB8 character body disappearing !!

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Mar 16, 2018 Mar 16, 2018

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Puppet BB8 character body disappearing before key is pressed and after key trigger is pressed it shows up and moves then stops, so I can use my key trigger for the robot arm w/liter to appear out.

But to get body to roll again, have to press key trigger twice and during that process the body disappears again then re-appears to do the rolling layer motion.

body is supposed to be there No matter if its moving or NOT !!

this star wars BB8 character I made with full detail.

and okay samurai and his videos do NOT help one bit !!

in most of his videos he shows you how to do a small thing in it then the rest is garbage talk and showing other stuff, very little in learning anything off his videos.

and hes was No help in getting the body to roll either.

why don't you guys copy and paste code from adobe after affects ? then maybe most of your mechanics in the program will work and be user friendly !!

so far every character I turned in to a puppet for character animator I had to work on for over 8 hours and some over 1 week !!

cause you code in the program is messy and has loop holes and memory leaks !!!

and some of your mechanics in the app does not match up, like dangle its not in the list by it self compare to wiggler and wiggler is not on the other side of the apps list, its just in behaviors which should be named mechanics !!

by the way I want my payment for this piece of crap app off my payment plan!!!

its not worth beans to even pay one red penny on !!

your lucky I don't go and file charges with the attorney generals office about this and see you in court !!







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