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Puppet with body tracking exporting with torso/hips in the wrong place

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Feb 15, 2022 Feb 15, 2022

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Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out why my puppet is having a bit of a jump around. When I load my puppet with body tracking for the first time, more often than not it will load like this:


Usually a simple refresh is all it takes to fix this so I can perform or record. However, the problem comes with exporting. When the stage refreshes everytime I hit "export" - be it for PNGs or MOVs - the character is never quite alligned, and renders out with either the torso or hips in the wrong place, despite how everything looks correct on the timeline before I hit render.


This has happened to more than 1 puppet, so I'm thinking it must be something I'm doing with my rigging. I am using version 22.0. My work around for the time being is slapping a greenscreen behind the puppet and recording the take in OBS so I can key it in AE, but it would be nice to get the animation higher quality.


In order to get a nice head-and-hips movement, I have followed some of the tutorials on Youtube and set the Right Quarter view to a "head", and added another "head" behaviour to the real head. The arms are also rigged with the forearms separate to the upper arm, so that there are no glitches when they overlap each other. Aside from that, I believe that it should be a standard body rig.


Here are some screen shots of how the puppet looks in rig mode. I'm not entirely sure what will be useful to see, so let me know if other screenshots are needed to troubleshoot and I can look into that. Current behaviours include Facex2 (one overall for "Right Quarter" and one for "Head"), Auto Blink, Dragger (turned off for recording body movements), Body, Eye Gaze, Limb IK, Handle Fixer, Lip Sync, Physics, Transform, and Triggers.



Thank you for the help with this.

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