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Recommended directory structure for Character Animator projects?

Dec 07, 2017 Dec 07, 2017

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​Is there a recommended structure for Character Animator projects? For example, Video Projects - Sample Folder Structure Templates (for simple and complex projects) | Adobe Educati... talks about the recommended structure for a video project. Is there a similar one for Character Animator projects? Ones incorporating Ch, Ae, Pr, Au, Ps etc. (A full end-to-end project.)

For example, if you do a "Save As" of a project in Character Animator, it gathers up all the vocal audio tracks, illustrator/photoshop artwork for puppets, etc using a directory structure of <proj>/<proj>.chproj<proj>/Ch Data, <proj>/Ch Media/Gathered Media (has sound clips, illustrator artwork files, and "take*.arf" files). Is this the recommended structure?

The recommended structure for video projects above has top level directories for audio files, graphics, etc - not organized by what one product wants (Ch/Ae/Pr/etc), but more logically by purpose. E.g. there is "Audio Files" separate to "Music - Soundtrack". That seems more logical to me. Are there any practical problems however?

For example, I want to take my project from my laptop to a desktop (faster GPU for rendering etc). The path to my project directory is different on the two machines. I was not sure if the Adobe tools remember absolute paths making moving projects between machines harder, but maybe uses relative paths for media under the Ch project directory? Or should I create a C:\Adobe directory so I can use the same absolute paths on all machines to avoid relinking the files when moving between computers?







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