Recorded dynamic physics is incorrect when played back

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May 04, 2020 May 04, 2020

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I have been having issues with the recording being a lot different than what I actually do during the recording session when it comes to puppets tagged with the dynamic tag. I have my own puppets set up that are not functioning correctly, but to make sure it wasn't my puppet having rigging issues, I downloaded the basics physics puppet ( from Adobe to demostrate, so that the set up of the puppet wouldn't be the issue.

And here is a video of my screen as I record and play back:

You can see my actions as I record, but when I go back to view, it's totally different than what I wanted recorded. I uninstalled and reinstalled CA right before filming that just in cast there was a glitch in my update. Is that's what supposed to happen when I record? It really makes no sense to me why it doesn't record my actions as I move the draggable item. (Note: If I turn off the dynamic tag, but leave collide and draggable attached, it will properly record the scene, but I really need the dynamic tag to work)

Puppet movement







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