Replay trigger ends regardless of stop/sustain

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May 31, 2021 May 31, 2021

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Hi community!


Am I doing something wrong? I've created a replay with a dragger and trigger to raise my puppet's arm and switch to his pointing hand. (See screenshot) The replay is set to Stop / Sustain when trigger ends, and the trigger is not set to latch.


When I press and hold the replay, the arm will go up and the hand will swap to the pointing hand ... but the hand switches back to the default before I let up on the replay button. When I do release the replay button, the arm returns to the resting position, as expected.


So what's going on with the hand trigger? It's my understanding that the Stop / Sustain will  hold at the beginning of the last blending handle. Does that only apply to draggers and not triggers?


I've seen some similar posts, but I didn't quite understand how to resolve it.

Thanks in advance!



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