Screen record directly in Character Animator?

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Dec 05, 2017 Dec 05, 2017

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This is more of an efficiency question...

As a teacher, I like to add a "talking head" (character) to my tutorial screen record videos.
Here's an example: make a bowl in illustrator + how to copy and paste from illustrator into photoshop vector object - Y...
Note - the head serves no purpose other than add some life to the video.

My current workflow is this:
1) Record screen using Quicktime

2) Export audio and convert to mp3
3) Put mp3 audio and "lip sync" in Character Animator

4) Place Character with audio and video into Premiere

5) Render video

Simple enough, but it's actually a cumbersome process and there's a lot of steps to mess up along the way (not to mention the rending time).
My question is - is there a better way? I know there's a way to "stream", but it does seem to be set up for what I'm trying to do.
Can I streamline this process somehow? It would be awesome if the character automatically "shows up" in the screen record without all the extras steps and rendering. At very least, I would love to just "drop" the screen record video as a background in Character Animator, but it does not appear to support video as a background scene. While I love the concept of all of this, I often DON'T use my "talking head" because it just takes too long to get it all done.
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