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Seamless facial tracking and hair movement

Contributor ,
Jan 10, 2018 Jan 10, 2018

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I'd like to create seamless facial movement with hair or other elements that respects the position of head/face movement. I was experimenting with the Chloe character and set her parallax to 600% or higher, which solved half of my problem.

What I noticed however is that Chloe's hair movement does not correspond to her facial movement, for example if I shift my face up or to the left the hair stays in the same place rather than scaling/rotating/positioning accordingly. Also her eyes, nose and mouth don't shrink vertically when I shift my head to an extreme direction.

I know I can create different angles for the face like the Wendigo model but for this character it would be too jerky and I need it to be smooth.

I am currently achieving this effect with the Joysticks n Sliders plugin for After Effects for my character's head animation, it's a great plugin but I'd rather achieve this effect without having to make keyframes.

Can this be achieved through Character Animator?






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