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[SOLVED] Anim8or issues with Mixamo (blown out/missing textures)

New Here ,
Dec 09, 2018 Dec 09, 2018

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Howdy, everyone! Many years ago, I made a post about missing/messed up textures when importing .obj files from Anim8or into Mixamo, and just last night, I FIGURED IT OUT!! It's a bit strange as to how it works, but bear with me.

You'll need:

-Your model exported as a .obj with the .mtl file that exports with it

-Your textures

Note- You gotta mess around with the specularity of your textures, they can make it look like you have no textures, or that there is a slight shine that is your texture. Try 0.06 for a nice leather shine, 0.01 for a nice rough plasticy shine, 0.1 for hard shine and 1 for blasted lmao

Okay, so, step one:

Zip the .obj and .mtl files into a folder. Name it your model's name.

Step two:

Highlight the textures, right click and press copy.

Step three:

Click into the zipped folder and paste your textures. (its weird, but that's how you've gotta hit this thing.)

Step four:

Open Mixamo, go to upload character, and drag your zipped folder into the part where it says, 'Select character file'

Step five:


If you have any issues, please comment and I will help you figure it out!







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