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Streamline Your Puppet Creation: Automated Layer Structure Scripts for Photoshop and Illustrator

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Nov 14, 2023 Nov 14, 2023

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We have created custom scripts for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to streamline the process of setting up puppets for animation. These scripts are designed to automate the construction of the necessary layer structure for a puppet, allowing artists and designers to focus entirely on the creative aspect of illustration without having to worry about technical setup until it is needed.

The behavior of the scripts intelligently adapts depending on whether a document is already open in the corresponding program:

  • If no document is open, the script will automatically create a new document and implement the required layer structure within it. This is ideal for those moments when you are starting a project from scratch and want to have the entire environment prepped for immediate illustration.

  • If a document is already open, the script will respect your current work and simply add the layer structure to the existing document. This allows you to insert your already created illustrations into the layer structure, organizing them in a way that they are ready for animation in Character Animator.

This flexible approach means you can work in the way that best suits your personal workflow. Whether you prefer to start with illustration and deal with layer hierarchy later, or the other way around, these scripts will adjust to your needs, making the organization and preparation of your animation projects faster and more efficient.


Scripts Character Animator 

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