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Swap Sets, Cycle Layers and Drumming

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Jan 05, 2020 Jan 05, 2020

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I have a puppet who will be drumming.  My setup is:


   Right Arm

   Right Arm Ride




   Right Arm Crash

   Right Arm Snare


So, independent arm groups in the body group.  Layers within each that animate the arm movement for the specific drum or cymbal.  My first layer is the same as my last, so the arm goes to the drum/cymbal and returns.  I did it this way as I was having all kinds of problems with the Cycle Layers/Forward and Reverse option.

The cycle layers behavior is set for each group except the Right Arm group as it only contains one layer which I use as the default arm position.  In the triggers panel, I have a swap set containing each of the arm groups.  I have also created a trigger for each arm group separately.  The trigger letter for Right Arm Snare, for example, is the same for both the trigger and swap set.  My assumption is that it would cycle the layers and stay on the last layer.

Everything worked perfectly for a bit, as far as I could tell.  Then, for unknown reasons, they didn't.  As I'm hitting the Right Arm Ride trigger while recording, things seem ok.  Upon playback (with Triggers turned on AND off) the arm disappears between cycles or reverts to the Right Arm Layer which does not get swapped, causing two arms.

I'm pretty sure I understand swap sets, triggers, cycle layers and how they work together.  What am I missing here?

Puppet movement , Rigging






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