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What is a good PC build for Character Animator going foward?

New Here ,
Nov 06, 2020 Nov 06, 2020

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I am currently using a grossly under powered laptop with 8gb ram and struggling thru producing my Character Animator workflow.


I would like suggestions on what would be a great build for Character Animator + other Adobe creative cloud applications going forward.


This is my general plan.

CPU: Latest one probably Tigerlake from Intel.


RAM: How much RAM do i need, is there a point of diminishing returns. Or do Adobe Apps use as much RAM that is thrown at them.  I was thinking of 64GB,  heck even 128GB or more if the applications really can benefit from them.


GPU.  Do Adobe products use GPU based acceleration in their applications?....   I was thinking of saving some cash by not getting a GPU.  Is it really needeed for the Adobe Applications. Or are all Adobe products CPU intensive and don't need GPU?


I am more performance centric, so I want to know, if the choices above would be sufficient to get a smoother experience.


Also one big deal for me is: How do i speed up the encoding of my Character Animator projects at 4k in Adobe Media Encore. I ususally release my creations on youtube at 4k.  Do I need a powerful GPU or is a powerful CPU+Ram combo enough to get the encoders to get my videos encoded fast.  (Encoding is my biggest bottle neck, it takes me 4-5 hours, with my weak machine).


Storage is a now brainer, might throw in a 1TB SSD, for faster access and call it a day.


Please let me know, if there is something more I might need to add. 

I like my Adobe experience, but I really need a good PC build to get a smoother experience.




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