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Creating a fillable PDF document

Community Beginner ,
Jul 26, 2018 Jul 26, 2018

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Hi All,

  I'd like to create a Coldfusion program that will generate a fillable PDF form (it's a ticket for a draw) that can be downloaded and filled out offline.

  Basically I have a form template that I want to customize for different organizations, so I created a PDF form in LibreOffice and then I have Coldfusion fill in the parts of the for Organization Name, Address, Phone Number, and insert an uploaded logo graphic.

  So my logic flow is:

   HTML form that asks for organization name, address, phone number and upload of logo.



   This information is merged into the PDF form I created (the ticket).

   (There are additional form fields in the ticket for the name of the person who bought the ticket, their address, phone, etc.)



   PDF document is downloaded to a local computer, and then offline, a person fills in the remaining fields when a ticket is sold and prints the ticket.

   The first part works fine - I can get the information from the HTML form into the PDF document (I haven't done the logo yet, but I think I can figure that out).

   The problem is that the remaining fields in the downloaded PDF form are no longer editable (they are just blank outlined boxes, and I can't type in them).

   How can I get CF to merge the data I want into the fields I want, but leave the other fields alone?   Or am I doing this wrong and is there another way to do it?







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