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How do I install CF2021 in linux and configure CF2021 to use Apache?

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Feb 03, 2022 Feb 03, 2022

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TLDR: I cannot access the CF2021 using the built-in webserver and via Apache.


scenario: I need to install/configure CF2021 in a remote host (RHEL7 with Apache 2.4.*) that's console only. It currently has CF2016 but I've removed (via wsconfig -uninstall)the apache connectors for this version.




I followed this guide: https://helpx.adobe.com/au/coldfusion/installing/understanding-coldfusion-server-profiles.html and the instructions provided in the installation file (ColdFusion_2021_GUI_WWEJ_linux64.bin)


After installation, I ran "sudo coldfusion start"


More info:


1. I needed to run the installer as root otherwise it won't run.


2. During installation, I selected "Server installation" (not WAR/EAR options since I have a feeling I need Tomcat/Websphere for this option).


3. I installed CF2021 on the default folder that was presented to me. In my case this folder is "/opt/ColdFusion2021"


4. When I ran "sudo coldfusion start", a log file called "coldfusion-out.log" should've been created. I cannot find this file in the logs folder and when using the find command on CF root folder.


5. I browse "http://my-remote-ip:8500" in Firefox and all I get is a blank page.


6. I ran "ps aux | grep -i java" to confirm coldfusion is running.


7. This is my fourth time installing CF2021 (I've just deleted the /opt/ColdFusion2021 when I want to reinstall).


8. On my 2nd/3rd try, I tried using wsconfig (using the instructions on this page: https://helpx.adobe.com/coldfusion/configuring-administering/web-server-management.html) but I cannot access CF2021 via Apache (As I said above, CF2016 was previously installed and there are Apache directives/config already in place so I can access CFIDE via Apache. I just modified these lines to use CF root folder for CF2021)






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