Broken: Using current ISAPI_redirect AJP connectors with ColdFusion 11

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Mar 09, 2015 Mar 09, 2015

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I need to alter a ColdFusion installation's ISAPI connector configuration to use a standalone, non-ColdFusion 64-bit Tomcat 7.0.59 installation, running a Grails application, as a second worker responding to a very specific URI.

A standard configration - changing and - is all I thought I'd need. This returned nothing but a 500 from the standalone Tomcat.

Knowing that 64-bit Tomcat requires the 64-bit DLL, I overwrote the stock ISAPI_redirect from the ColdFusion installation with the latest 64-bit ISAPI_redirect.dll from Apache.

Now my Tomcat application works fine, but ColdFusion serves nothing but a blank, white page. isapi_redirect.log says this when it tries to access the ColdFusion worker:

[Mon Mar 09 15:08:09.945 2015] [4604:3228] [debug] wc_get_worker_for_name::jk_worker.c (115): did not find a worker ajp13

[Mon Mar 09 15:08:09.946 2015] [4604:3228] [error] HttpExtensionProc::jk_isapi_plugin.c (2289): could not get a worker for name ajp13

[Mon Mar 09 15:28:38.659 2015] [4604:4288] [info] TerminateFilter::jk_isapi_plugin.c (2383): Jakarta/ISAPI/isapi_redirector/1.2.40 stopping

[Mon Mar 09 15:28:38.659 2015] [4604:4288] [debug] close_workers::jk_worker.c (217): close_workers will destroy worker cfusion

This leaves me with a few questions:

  1. Is the ISAPI_redirect.dll that ships with ColdFusion 11 the 64-bit connector or the 32-bit connector?
  2. What version of Tomcat is "embedded" in ColdFusion 11?
  3. Where is the Tomcat LICENSE file? It's ASL, so redistribution should include it and LICENSE. I found this while looking for its usual README to answer some of my earlier questions.







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