Captcha not working after upgrade to CF10

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May 27, 2015 May 27, 2015

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A production site was moved to a CF10 server recently, and the Captcha part of a form stopped working. When viewing the source, there is no img tag at all.

The original code (below) has worked for years, is pretty simple, and outputs to the browser.

I can get the form to work, by using cfimage with the destination parameter so that the Captcha image is written to the specified folder, and then use a regular <img> tag to show it. But I'm not sure how that will work in production if multiple people use the form simultaneously.

Other posts about captcha not working don't seem on point to my situation. There are no URL rewrite modules on the server, etc..

<cfimage name="Cval" action="captcha" fontsize="15" width="400" height="150" text="#CvalText#" fonts="Courier New,Arial,Verdana" difficulty="medium">

Edited to actually ask a question!: Has anyone encountered (and overcome) this problem? If I have to stick with the workaround, any thoughts as to how many people can activate the Captcha simultaneously before errors occur?


- Michael







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