CF10 having a problem with selecting correct default folder

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Feb 16, 2015 Feb 16, 2015

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I'm using CF10.  I have several domains on the same Linux Centos Server.

When I call one domain thru http, it is going to another domain on the same server.

The first time called, it opens correctly.  After that it is going to another folder an picking up the index page.

If I rename the index page to indexx.cfm and call it up it works fine.

If I restart the server it works for a few minutes then starts opening the wrong domains index.cfm.

This is only happening on one domain.  Other work fine.

Double checked the httpd.conf

Double checked the DNS

Rebooted httpd (several times)

Rebooted CF (several times)

Rebooted Server

I've had a couple folks look over my shoulder for obvious mistakes.

The same file in the same folder with two names the indexx works the index sometimes actually most of the time goes to a different folder and picks up the index.cfm







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