CF11: problem with BFILE documents retrival

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Nov 24, 2014 Nov 24, 2014

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Hi all,

We have encountered this problem after upgrading to CF11.  We used to use cfquery to select a bfile column directly like below:

<cfquery name="getDoc">

select bfile_column

from a_table

where id = #id#


we then use cfcontent to open the file directly:

<cfset docstream = getDoc.bfile_colum />

<cfcontent type="application/pdf" variable = "#docstream#" />

This worked fine for us on CF9.  However after we upgrade to CF11, the query stops working.  The query simply hangs there, returning no result.  We found it out by removing all the code but simply leaving the query on a test page and the test page never opened until it timed out. 

The data source we use is for oracle.  We have checked "BLOB" and "CLOB" boxes for the data source to make sure large content can be retrieved.

Has anybody run into this same problem?  If so, have you resolved it?

Your help is greatly appreciated!







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