CFB3 Freezes

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Dec 07, 2015 Dec 07, 2015

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Version    Build 292922

Running on Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

java version 1.8.0_66

Editing local files (not on a mapped drive or directory)

Seems to only happen in components that are using CFSCRIPT, but not all components.

I just created this simple component:(note: using ColdBox for dependency injection)


component name="facility_service" {

     property name="facility_dao" inject="model:facility_dao";

     query function getFacilityQuery(string loc_level ="") {

          return facility_dao.getFacilityQuery(loc_level:loc_level);




This component works fine and does what it should do.

But if I attempt to edit the function:

     query function getFacilityQuery(string loc_level ="") {

          if (loc_level EQ "") {

               // do something


          return facility_dao.getFacilityQuery(loc_level:loc_level);


I can type "if ", but as soon as I press the open parens key "(" CFB will hang. I have let it sit for upwards of 10 minutes before I killed the process.

Again, this does not happen in all components. I have not been able to isolate what (if any) special conditions cause it to crash. The above is the smallest component I have seen the behaviour in.

I have not seen the behaviour in a regular .cfm page.








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