CFGrid bound to another CFGrid returns null

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Apr 28, 2016 Apr 28, 2016

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I have a cfgrid bound to another cfgrid that always returns null for the value.

  • Worked in CF8
  • Binding to a cfinput displays proper value
  • CFC is no problem hard coded value in place of bind works
  • writing to log from cfc verifies null value returned

<!--- select office --->

  <input type="checkbox" id="pckOffice1" onclick="setOffice();" checked>Bangor

  <input type="checkbox" id="pckOffice3" onclick="setOffice();" checked>Lamoine

  <input type="checkbox" id="pckOffice5" onclick="setOffice();" checked>Lincoln

  <input type="checkbox" id="pckOffice7" onclick="setOffice();" checked>Machias


  <input type="hidden" id="OfficeFilter" name="OfficeFilter" value="'1','3','5','7','2','9'">

<!--- cycle grid --->

  <cfgrid name="gdCycle" format="html" colheaderbold="true" striperows="no"

         striperowcolor="##ccffcc" selectcolor="#selectcolor#" selectmode="row" selectonload="false"

         bgcolor="##ffffbf;" pagesize="13" height="370"


  <cfgridcolumn name="Print" header="" width="55">

  <cfgridcolumn name="CycleID" header="Cycle" width="60">

  <cfgridcolumn name="NumRoutes" header="## Routes" width="70">


<!--- selected cycle bound to cycle grid --->

  <cfinput name="" id="selectedcycle" bind="{gdCycle.CycleID}">

<!--- route grid bound to cycle grid --->

  <cfgrid name="gdRoute" colheaderbold="true" format="html" striperows="no"

         bindonload="false" height="370" selectmode="row" style="display:none;"

         pagesize="12" selectonload="false"

         bind="cfc:MVRS_Route.getRoutesByCycleID({cfgridpage},{cfgridpagesize}, {cfgridsortcolumn},{cfgridsortdirection},{gdCycle.CycleID},{OfficeFilter@change})">

  <cfgridcolumn name="RouteID" display="false">

  <cfgridcolumn name="Print" header="" width="60">

  <cfgridcolumn name="RouteNumber" width="70">

  <cfgridcolumn name="NumberCustomers" width="90">

  <cfgridcolumn name="NumberMeters" width="70">

  <cfgridcolumn name="NumberReadings" width="80">

  <cfgridcolumn name="Office" header="Office" width="50">

  <cfgridcolumn name="Complete" header="Complete?" width="80" dataalign="center"


  <cfgridcolumn name="ForceComplete" header="Force Complete?" dataalign="center" width="130">


Any ideas? I'm stumped....







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