CFLAYOUT broken for years and no one seems to care...

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Jun 26, 2017 Jun 26, 2017

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We recently bit the bullet and upgraded from Coldfusion 10 to Coldfusion 2016, for new development we are no longer using Coldfusion but have several older sites that still use it. CF10 was no longer being supported as of the first of the month so we were forced to upgrade. We have another server running Coldfusion 11 which we upgraded from Coldfusion 9 with minimum problems, we've been running upgrades since Coldfusion 3 when Allaire owned it. This migration from 10 to 2016, however has been absolute hell the security fixes and depreciations made hours of work to get our sites back on line and they are still having issues. One of them is the cflayout tags are now all broken.

coldfusioncap.PNG(overflow="scroll" turned on to show the cflayoutarea css is ignored by the layout body)

CFLAYOUTS no longer auto size, one of the sites is using it as a menu with 20 some categories and when you click it nothing happens, only until you put a height of 1000px in to the style does it become clickable, then every layoutarea is now 600px+ and gives a scroll bar when the content is over that. It used to just auto height and every layoutarea was the correct height with no scrolling. You can't even set a height for the layoutareas, what ever you put is ignored and only reflected by a small window in the body of the cflayoutarea.The customer finds the new scroll bars unusable and jquery is not going to work for them because of their older code and older browser requirements. We aren't trying to rewrite entire sites every coldfusion upgrade, that defeats the purpose of coldfusion which is rapid development.

There is a manually quick fix on CF11 to edit the cflayout.js and remove the 600px height forcing, but it doesn't work on CF2016. I'm not sure how "switch to jquery" is even an acceptable support answer? Why not some answers on Coldfusion's UI development? Why is adobe forcing upgrades and no longer supporting products (CF10) that work and are tested and replacing them with products that don't work and aren't tested. I tried support chat and they admit it is broken and say it will be fixed one day! I've been through the forums and seen unanswered questions about CFLAYOUT dating back more than two years. I've been a supporter of coldfusion for more than 15 years and argue to the developers who claim it's a dead language, but this upgrade definitely has me scratching my head.

Instead of deflecting with questioning why I'm using available tags in a language we pay a lot of money to host with, please answer actual solutions to get cflayout to work.








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