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Apr 20, 2016 Apr 20, 2016

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Hi everyone. I just have a few questions about setting up an ecommerce site. What are the differences between CFWebstore, Cartweaver, and Does CFWebstore and Cartweaver just set up a shopping cart on your site? Or do they handle payments with credit cards too? Or is that where comes into play? You set up your pages with a  shopping cart with CFWebstore or Cartweaver and then to actually process the credit card, you would have to go through I have this page: If you click on one of the radio buttons and type in something like 10 for the Xmm and 10 for the Ymm boxes and click Update, a table is displayed with what the part costs. Part info. is not being stored in any database since there are lots of combinations of different sizes to use for the dimensions. There is a formula created that figures out the price depending on what's typed into the boxes. I don't have the Place Order button working yet. This is where I'm stuck and not sure what to do. Which site above do I use? Or is the only one I really need to use to process a credit card? I do want to set up a shopping cart also, but how do I do that with this dynamic code that is not stored in a database? Do I just use session variables? I don't have products to just display them in a table like the example in the Cartweaver web site. How would you set up a shopping cart with ordering info. for credit cards on it?








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