ColdFusion 2018 license validation?

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Oct 30, 2020 Oct 30, 2020

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I have a CF2018 server on which the CF service won't reliably start, and when it does it comes up in "Developer".


What is happening in at the following point, at "Starting License"?

"Information","main","10/30/20","02:25:24","","Starting license..."
"Information","main","10/30/20","02:25:26","","Enterprise Edition enabled"

These lines are from my production server. 


The other server, which is an exact copy (via AWS AMI image) the process begins to timeout, giving a series of lines like:

"Information","main","10/28/20","18:19:26","","Starting license..."
"Information","main","10/28/20","18:19:47","","Connection timed out: connect"
"Information","main","10/28/20","18:20:08","","Connection timed out: connect"
"Information","main","10/28/20","18:20:29","","Connection timed out: connect"
"Information","main","10/28/20","18:20:50","","Connection timed out: connect"
"Information","main","10/28/20","18:21:11","","Connection timed out: connect"



From the Windows Services Console, the process will fail, and remain in "starting" after about 2 minutes.


If I am starting CF via cfstart.bat, it will eventually (5 minutes of retrys) succeed, but with developer license:

"Information","main","10/28/20","18:25:03","","Developer Edition enabled"


I'd love to know what is causing failure at what appears to be validating the Enterprise license.


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