[Coldfusion 9.0.1] Error HTTP 401.3 - Access is denied

Jan 04, 2016 Jan 04, 2016

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"Beginner" in Coldfusion , I made an installation at the request of a third person.

Here are the tech. specs of the server :

- OS : Windows 2008R2

- IIS 7.0

- Coldfusion 9.0.1 + hotfix

- JRE 7u51

According to the documentation, no problem : everything works, I can go to Coldfusion admin page, type password, create instances etc.

But... I had to take the document root (wwwroot) of a previous IIS web server (sick !) and then apply the same configurations (other server will be deleted). So I made a backup (wwwroot.bak) following the CF clean installation on the new server. Then import the doc. root of other server (NTFS permissions also replicated) . In this folder "wwwroot", I had a CFIDE directory because CF was also installed on the previous server.

I do all IIS configurations and...

This is where the problem occurs : I can't access to the CF administration page located in "wwwroot\CFIDE\administrator\index.cfm"

=> HTTP Error 401.3 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to an ACL set on the requested resource.

I check the NTFS permissions : all is OK. Even if I put "everyone" read / write on the folder wwroot (for testing) and restart IIS + CF services the problem is still present

=> I can't access on CF administration page or also my CF instances. But, In the "old" server everything is OK and configurations are indentical.

I check IIS various configurations (mime type, default document etc.) = all is OK

Also, I've created a IIS "testwebsite" pointing to wwwroot.bak directory (that containing my clean working installation of CF) : same problem appears now...

Any idea ?

Is the problem is located on IIS or on CF ?

Do you think that I have to reinstall ColdFusion and overwriting the CFIDE directory and CF instances already in the wwwroot directory ?

Thank a lot for your help !


Sorry for my bad English, I'm French







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