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Jul 07, 2015 Jul 07, 2015

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After a couple fruitless hours of trying I need some help...  I'm trying to sign a URL for a REST API and, for the life of me, can't get CF to output the expected result.  The API is Aspose and the the instructions are here:

According to their example I need to hash this URL:

Using this Key: 23e9d89a967a5f18142221fa8f7cbcd0

And the result should be:Z98TBrlwdtx3pTa6fWVD/Q0c2dE=

According to the C# example they give the algorithm should be: HMACSHA1 and the encoding: UTF8

I cannot get CF to produce this result.

I've tried using the CF function hmac().

#toBase64(hmac(url,key,"HMACSHA1","UTF8"))# gives me: MjYwMkQxN0EyM0IyMzkxNjNDMDU4QTQyMjc3RDgyNkMyNzM0NTA3OA==

I've also tried suggestions and variations found here:

and Ban Nadel's Crypto.cfc.

What am I missing here?







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