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Dec 04, 2016 Dec 04, 2016

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Hey Everyone,

I have an unfortunately situation that not ideal where a development version of a website is on the same server as a production version of that same website. To make matters worse, both websites are running off the same ColdFusion instance. For the sake of argument, let's assume my client has the latest standard version of ColdFusion. Because it is not enterprise, I do not think I can run multiple instances of ColdFusion as separate services where I could have Trusted Cache enabled for once service and disabled for the other service. If I enabled Trusted Cache, it would be server wide correct? All websites that use the ColdFusion instance would be effected by the trusted cache. This is not ideal for development where we need to see changes right away. My question is this: has it ever been proposed to have an exception list for Trusted Cache? For example, all ColdFusion files that start with either example.com or www.example.com could be excluded from the Trusted Cache? This would be neat for non-ideal situations. Not all client's can afford to have both a development and a production server. You can argue that development can be done locally but then I could argue that there can be a multiple developers working on the same huge project. So I am just asking whether it has been proposed yet?


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