Fonts are not embedding in CFRB10, and CFRB11 reports it is still version 10??

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Oct 02, 2014 Oct 02, 2014

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So, I have a report built using CFR Builder 10 with the fonts all marked as "embedded font" in order to make the report look as it should. However the fonts default to Helvetica when it generates.

So - I need to know why this is not working properly, since it should. All the HELP notes is that the PDF file will be larger with embedded fonts, which everyone should know already.

Second : I upgraded to CFRB11 to see if that issue was fixed, but when it opens it looks the same as CFRB10 and the HELP/ABOUT menu shows it is still version 10?? Is this just a bug or is Adobe pawning off version 10 as version 11. It should be a new version with the new CF version since it would need to include new functions etc, as well as have any issues fixed since version 10, of which there were a few.

Any ideas on either - or response from ADOBE?

I miss Macromedia, at least they always had staff members answering forum posts often.








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