How to keep defaultLocal server running after you log off a server?

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Oct 05, 2015 Oct 05, 2015

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We have a existing CFusinMX web site. Recently, we re-set up web server, (changed to Window server 2008), and updated CFusionMX to ColdFusion 11, and ColdFusionBuilder 3.

We only need one sub part of coldfusion web application continue to use. So I used ColdFusionBuilder 3 to set up it at DefaultLocal server. If I remotely log in to the server, make sure DefaultLocal  CF Servers is running, I can browse to the ColdFusion application web pages locally and remotely.

However, as soon as I log off the remote server, the ColdFusion pages cannot display. The Error message shows " This page can't be displayed".

I checked back, saw the CF Server "DefaultLocal" was stopped.

How to keep DefaultLocal CF server running even I log off remote server?

Any suggestion, help will be appreciated.

Thanks a  lot!








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