How to 'upload' files to the local machine as a testing server. And FTP to a remote production server. Just like in DW?

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Jan 26, 2015 Jan 26, 2015

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Despite having ColdFusion Builder since CFB2 and now been given CFB3, I haven't managed to understand how to setup the environment correctly so unfortunately I've ditched it and continued to use Dreamweaver.

Now I'd like to try CFB3 properly, but I am still struggling to replicate my DW environment.

Basically in my DW site, I have got a Testing Server configured using the option that says connect with "local/network". It just points to my inetpub folder for the site on my local machine (my local machine runs IIS7 with ColdFusion 11 installed to run on that). This testing server is where I first 'upload' my modified web files to make sure they all work correctly.

When I'm happy that my files are working, I'll then do an FTP upload to the remote production server.

I want to replicate my work workflow in CFB3 like this:

  1. Edit local files in my working folder. This folder contains ALL the site's files.
  2. Copy modified files to the local inetpub folder on the computer. Sometimes I like to copy/upload the entire site (rather than just the modified files). I want to do this too!
  3. Finally, use FTP to upload the files to the remote server

Can anyone please help me? I'm avoiding CFB3 like the plague because it doesn't look as nice as DW and I don't understand how to set it up like I want. If I can replicate my DW workflow in CFB3, I really want to give it a chance.








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