Passing DSN Information to a C# DLL Library

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Mar 30, 2015 Mar 30, 2015

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I'm trying to migrate all the ColdFusion database calls to a c# dll which will be shared with both ASP.Net and ColdFusion in order to kept a single set of classes and methods that perform database operations so that as we migrate from SQL2008 to 2012 updating the code would be centralized in one location as oppose to updating multiple applications. But I haven't found a way of actually passing the ColdFusion DSN Connection Information, is it even possible? The DLL Class Library would reside on the ColdFusion Server so it should be able to see the DSNS.

My only other choice is to have the ColdFusion Application Programmer pass me the name of the DSN and I would have to create the Connection String in my dll class library. If any of you have come across this issue any information would be helpful. Personnally I don't like using DSN, but I was told by the Programmer that was the easiest way for ColdFusion to communicate with the database.







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