Refreshing a form page after opening CFDOCUMENT PDF in new window.

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Aug 19, 2015 Aug 19, 2015

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Hi guys, I have a form page/processing page that takes data from a form and then inserts into a database/prints to a PDF via CFDOCUMENT with this on a submit button:

<cfinput type="submit" name="submit" value="PRINT" formtarget="_blank" onclick="submitFormOkay = true;">

It opens the generated PDF properly into the new  tab as expected.

My problem is, I can't seem to automatically reload the original tab/page...which has code on it that clears the session variables the form and gets it ready for the next entry.

How can I launch this CFDOCUMENT in a new tab, and also refresh the original tab simultaneously?

One note: The form page and processing page are the same, separated by IF/THEN's for program flow.

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