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Jun 04, 2015 Jun 04, 2015

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I have login code that has worked perfectly for years. It still works in development, but has stopped working in production. The only change has been a recent "upgrade" to ColdFusion 11. Here's what's happening.

  1. User logs in.
  2. SESSION.login is set.
  3. User moves around from page to page and finally clicks a link that's formatted like so, "/admin." (The entire site is configured in IIS to use index.cfm as a default document.)
  4. SESSION.login (along with a number of other session variables) disappears so the user is take to the login screen even though he/she has already logged in.

Now, if I change the link in step three above to be "/admin/index.cfm." then the session variables do not disappear and the user is simply taken to the page like they should be instead of being prompted to login again. I have no idea why the elimination of the directory's default document the link would trigger ColdFusion to purge session variables (especially when it's always worked fine in the past), but it does. What's up?







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