Subversion Integration with CF Builder 2016 Issue

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Nov 09, 2017 Nov 09, 2017

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Hi again,

I am having real issues trying to get SubVersion working smoothly with CFBuilder 2016.

Just a bit of background. I am using CF Builder 2016 and CF Server 2016 both installed on the same PC (a Windows PC) and installed them in their default locations (C:\ColdFusionBuilder2016 and C:\ColdFusion2016). I have installed the Subversive plugin into CFBuilder, which is what I previously used to use with Eclipse. I have attempted several approaches at getting this working, here are the steps:

Strategy 1:

First I will attempt to create a ColdFusion project within CFBuilder and then try to import my code into that project.

  • I created a new blank ColdFusion project called “test1” and selected my CF 2016 server as it’s server.
  • Just to test the project at this stage, I added an output to the index.cfm test file that is created with the project and selected run, all works well at this stage and my file is run on the server successfully. The project structure at this stage is simple as follows:

  • I delete the index.cfm” file and right click on the “test1” folder and select “import”, then select SVN > Project from SVN. I then select my repository location and select finish, which opens the SubVersive “Check Out As” popup as follows with “Check out as folder into existing project” selected:

  • I then select the “test1” folder within the project as the destination for the check-out and select finish and the code checks out as expected.
  • My first problem with this approach is, the “test1” folder now contains a sub-folder (because the only option was to "check out as folder") of the checked out project, but let’s ignore that problem for now as wehave bigger fish to fry.
  • The bigger problem is, if I now open any of my files and edit them, I now have no means to check them into subversion (not via the SVN client on the PC or via CF Builder), which is no use at all of course.

Strategy 2:

Here I will try to import code that will build/create a new project.

  • While I have no opened projects, I select “File > Import > SVN > Project from SVN” and select my repo and select Finish, again this will open the SubVersive plugin popup with “Check out as a project with the name specified” selected:

  • I leave the project location to its default location, which is “C:\Dev_Tools\CFBuilderProjects” and select Finish and the code checks-out and the project is created as expected.
  • As you can see here, the project has checked out but it’s not a ColdFusion project (it doesn’t contain the CF icon as the project above did):

  • To confirm this, if you select index.cfm and select Run, you get the following error:

  • So, now I right click the project and select “Apply CF Nature”, which makes it a CF project, as you can see here:

  • So, now selecting the file “index.cfm” and select Run, I get the following error:

  • So I now configure the project to work with this project (by right click the project and select the correct server under the section “ColdFusion Server Settings”) and try to run the index.cfm file again and get the following error:

  • So I now try configuring the mappings for the project as instructed by adding the path where the source code exists to a folder names “portal” like so:

  • But I get an error when I try to add this:

  • Which is true, I can see this looking at the linked resources:

  • At this point, I give up.... well, I actually tried a few other things like configuring the servers root etc... but had no joy.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. My end goal is to have a working CF Builder project with full CF Debugging capabilities with full source control all within the IDE.

For info: I did manage to work around this problem by creating a blank project with a linked folder to the web root and then manually using TurtoiseSVN to check the code out to the folder and avoiding Subversive all together, but this isn’t ideal is it??? I want to be able to do all of this in CF Builder and have handy tips in the IDE like history comparison and file indicators to say files have been changed ... etc, which are not visible doing it this way.










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