, use them to query another multiple selects (4 related multiple selects)

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Apr 17, 2016 Apr 17, 2016

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I have 4 related select controls in my form.  Each select control allows a user to select a single item to be passed and to query the values  to populate the 2nd select control and so on for the 3rd and 4th control using AJAX..  It was working  perfectly, until the user requested that they want to be able to select multiple items in each of the select controls.  In the select statement we can just add 'multiple" but my problem is how to read and pass multiple values to get the drop down list for the 2 or 3 or 4th select control.  I have been searching in the internet, found similar questions but unanswered.  I'm using Coldfusion 10 and new with jquery.  If anyone has solutions or sample code using AJAX/javascript that would be very helpful.  I can also learn the code in jquery if someone has a solution written in jquery.

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