Where can someone go to download software they own? [Cust Svc Dialogue]

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Feb 24, 2016 Feb 24, 2016

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its amazing... its incredible...

Adobe attempt to market to people has made a system that is so Dilbert and screwed up its destined to be legendary

my questions were three (and not stated this way as i didnt think this would be so incredibly screwed up):

Where did all my prior licenses go on my account given i have had my email address for 11 years?

I owned CS2, CS5, and other products

Today my concern is that i have to download Cold Fusion builder 3.1

I tried to find the file... i tried to find the link.. i tried to search the help.

i even decided to try chat to find out rather than do a whole post and maybe wait 24 hours.

for some reason, bosses at large companies dont like when you spend an hour on chat, or cant find a link for what they buy

go to ms you get the link

go get linux, you get a link

buy lots of stuff, you get a link

get from Adobe, you have to fight and play games..

this company uses linux, and ms, and oracle, and java

i am trying to show them how good CF can be for things like reports (pdf) for management and Apps for phone/tablet/phablet

but so far, several departments have tried to download what they need and adobe acts as if only small one person ot two person shops get their stuff... so what if you have a purchasing department, and a server department and programmers in many departments and so on? well, the purchase data is not on the account for the programmer. the purchasing agent doesnt download software, they dont know how. same with the server department...

also there is no link from the linux download to all the items you have to install for linux that are extra to get CF11 fully operationa... so after you plan, you find out you missed that, and now your company plans stink, and everyone is asking "tell me why we are bothering with adobe when we can use MIT free software to do PDF? we can use java which CF is using to do things directly? and so on!!!!!!!!!!


here is what this over frustrated person had to go through to fail getting a link to download CF builder 3.1

to be honest, names are changed to protect the worker, and myself, and its cleaned up a bit given my frustration

but really, should it take over 45 minutes to get an answer that the software you just purchased is no longer available?

(and that being a wrong answer too?)

ADOBE: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.
CUSTOMER: i just laid out my issue... why not carry it forwards? This is ridiculous... i have better things to do at work than hunt to download software i already purchased but can’t get to. i hate you lost all my licenses, despite being on this system for as long as you have it (or 11 years whichever came first) and so on and so forth. so far this system of how to answer things, and how to get your software, and missing licenses and lack of support for things like CS5 and pushing us to monthly fees... is making it very hard to impossible to get my company to use your software... why use CF when we can use java, ms, or Linux... we have all of them here, and i am trying to get them to use CF... but your own system is making other employees upset in that a large company does not have one person do things... so one person buys, another person handles an account, a third person is doing the install.. Your system is not able to handle that. Now we are trying to get a copy of cold fusion builder 3.1 to install, took us half a day to get the CF server for Linux to install... and management is livid we are losing all this time dealing with your marketing idiots and their system.
CUSTOMER: where do I go to get cold fusion builder as we already purchased it?
CUSTOMER: why did my licenses disappear?
ADOBE: Hi Kenneth, How are you doing today?
CUSTOMER: frustrated... shakran for asking
ADOBE: I apologize for the inconvenience.
ADOBE: I am reviewing your issue. Please stay online and do not close the chat window or browser in order to ensure our chat session is not interrupted.
CUSTOMER: my boss doesn’t like I have to spend the time like this every time we need an answer or such
ADOBE: Please allow me 1-2 minute(s) to review your account details.
CUSTOMER: the fact you can’t easily download it and such, is insane
CUSTOMER: your, your own worst enemy, given the competition...
CUSTOMER: hello?
ADOBE: As per your chat submission, I understand you need help with your CS 5 installation, Is that correct?
ADOBE: Or serial number
CUSTOMER: no... I need cold fusion builder file to install. We purchased it and now have to lose time screwing around trying to get a file to install from you.
CUSTOMER: every other firm makes it easy... you guys make it hard.
CUSTOMER: other companies are dominating the industry...
ADOBE: May i know is it a perpetual or subscription product?
CUSTOMER: i don’t know – its cf builder, it installs on my pc, version 3.1
CUSTOMER: we bought a license from CDW, they gave us a serial number, i am now wasting lots of time and have to tell upper management that your company is costing us cause there is no simple download. 
ADOBE: May I know, how did you make your payment? Yearly, monthly or one time?
CUSTOMER: took our server people two days to get the CF stuff for install as that is another location and a different person.
ADOBE: I apologize for the inconvenience.
CUSTOMER: i didn’t make the payment.. I am at a company who has 50,000 people, we have many deparments... each handles their task, so there isn’t one person
CUSTOMER: i am just a programmer who WANTS to use your stuff and you’re making it VERY hard to get, install and work for large companies.
ADOBE: As I can see there is no product registered under your account.
ADOBE: Could you please tell me from where you have purchase the product?
CUSTOMER: there is supposed to be several.. But you keep deleting them. I had a CF license there, i had a CS5 license, i even had a CS2 license. Still using the software, and it doesn’t update...
CUSTOMER: CDW... i did tell you
CUSTOMER: this is a large healthcare company. we have linux, microsoft, oracle, and i am trying to get your stuff here too... but they are reluctant given many peoples experience..
CUSTOMER: they are not going to want to use your stuff if this is how you guys handle things... CUSTOMER: why do i have to spend a half hour to get a link to software i purchased?
ADOBE: May I know which version are you using for CS5 or CS2?
CUSTOMER: i am not talking to a person am i?
CUSTOMER: i asked for a link to download ColdFusion builder... and asked why my licenses were deleted from my account... so far, you’re not very helpful
CUSTOMER: where the hell is the link to download stuff you own already and why don’t you want people to have it?
ADOBE: May I know which version are you looking for?
CUSTOMER: i already told you 3.1
CUSTOMER: maybe if you stopped trying to help a half dozen people you might be able to help...
ADOBE: As I can see there is no product registered under your account
CUSTOMER: are you dense? This is a large company... there are 50,000 people here, i am in programming, i need the freaking file... the other people are the ones who purchase.
CUSTOMER: where is the link to cold fusion builder 3.1? That’s all i need. Why is this so hard for you?
ADOBE: Please tell me which version are you looking for?
ADOBE: I understand, Kenneth.
CUSTOMER: no, i don’t think you or your company does understand...
ADOBE: Do you have serial number?
CUSTOMER: all i need is the link..
ADOBE: May I have the serial number for the product you’re trying to install?
CUSTOMER: that’s another department..
CUSTOMER: i am tasked to get the file to give to the people to use
ADOBE: Without serial number you cannot activate the software.
ADOBE: Do you have any other E-mail address where you might have registered the product?
CUSTOMER: without the software i can’t do that either. I have a serial, I just am not giving it out... so where is the link?
CUSTOMER: they are not on adobe... they are on CDW, it’s called a billing department, i am in software department
ADOBE: Which version?
CUSTOMER: can you give me a link to download the software or not?
ADOBE: Which version?
CUSTOMER: 3.1.. three point one 三点1 ثلاثة نقطة واحدة
ADOBE: Yes, I will provide you but Which version?
ADOBE: Please confirm the version or serial number.
CUSTOMER: what language do you speak?   How many times do i have to tell you the same thing to get a freaking link
CUSTOMER: VERSION 3.1 what is wrong with you?
ADOBE: I apologize for the inconvenience.
ADOBE: I understand you need help with your download link for CS3 , Is that correct?
CUSTOMER: so far i have put up the answer in numbers, English, Arabic and Chinese.
CUSTOMER: no... Cold fusion builder 3.1
ADOBE: Okay, Please allow me a moment
CUSTOMER: hello?
CUSTOMER: says agent is typing... where is the link to cold fusion builder 3.1?
ADOBE: Adobe does not currently offer chat-based technical support for Adobe ( cold fusion builder 3. Please note that it is a very old product and unfortunately we do not have a download link for this product.)
ADOBE: We want to inform you that this issue is only supported on Forums.adobe.com as we have a team of Expertise who are trained and have knowledge about this product.
CUSTOMER: then why are you selling it?

Anyone other than myself realize that every competitor has a page and such you can just go to and download what you need?

that adobe makes you fight ever inch then wonders why others dominate the market?

if a consultant was doing this, we would have spent an extra $300 on the consultants labor to go through this

as it stands, several departments want to know why it takes so long and what is the problem with ADOBE

we love your stuff... but if it harms us to recommend you or its very costly to just get what we paid for (time = money), then why bother to use your stuff and fight..

i will never know where my licenses went...  they disappear...

good think i have some on paper and can look them up on the computers running them

but its ridiculous to create this then clean out the records.. as i said, i have worked at this location for 11 years,

and have used adobe all that time... and was very happy that they bought macromedias CF..

but right now... we are a week overdue as the server people had a tough time getting things as well

the billiong department only sends a license... and programmers only get that, and nothing else.

ADOBE... your in the modern era with cloud... but how about the idea that a company with over 50,000 people in ny has many people working together to handle review, purchases, installs and so on?


this is a classic that i bet others will copy and post all over.... 

how hard is it to get a link to download cold fusion builder 3.1?

i dont know, i am still trying and havent gotten it and its over an hour with this bs.

and if the software is not available, how about telling your resellers to stop selling it?








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Feb 24, 2016 Feb 24, 2016

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We apologize for any inconvenience caused. You can download the trial version of ColdFusion Builder 2016 from our website: http://www.adobe.com/products/coldfusion-builder.html. In case if you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at cfinstal@adobe.com and we will be more than happy to assist you.







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