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ADOBE Connect Web Service Transaction ID

Oct 15, 2013 Oct 15, 2013

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Hi All,

Hope I can make my question clear, but here goes.

We are integrating an LMS into ADOBE Connect , so far so good. Managed to write all our intergration classes and all is working great. My question is as follows, If we launch a URL (SCO Content) the content launches and we can see the "attempt" via the report-user-training-transcripts webservice. This works well if we assume that all attempts are going to be logged and the users internet is working correctly etc.

Is there a way when we launch to uniquely identify what the "transaction-id" will be. This means on our LMS side we know we launched with this transaction-id and when we read the transcript we can just filter for that specifictransaction-id. If there is no transaction-id this could be that the user closed before the content launched or there was a network issue.

In short I want to know what SCO I am launching from the LMS to match the attempt with the transaction-id. I have tried to send through a custom field, but it does not pull through on the report..

Any suggestions would help?








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