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Connect API, how to track particular registrations?

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May 13, 2014 May 13, 2014

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For our application, we use Connect API to manage training for users.

In our application, each course is mapped to a SCO ID on Connect. Users can register for the same course multiple times. Each course progress should be tracked independently.

Currently, users can launch the curriculum from our application. Behind the scenes, it checks if they have an Adobe Connect account, if not, it creates one. Then it creates a session and then transfers them to the curriculumn on Adobe Connect.

Every 15 minutes, we call the Connect API method report-bulk-consolidated-transactions to get all the course progresses and update our database.

The problem is that report-bulk-consolidated-transactions only returns the following data: SCO ID, Principal ID, Score, Date Started, Date Completed and some other fields. If a user registers for the same course twice and completes one course....both courses will show completed status.

My question is, when we create a session on Adobe Connect and then transfer a user to the curriculumn on Adobe Connect, can we get back a "transcript/transaction id" that we can look for in the report-bulk-consolidated-transaction call? That way, if a user registers for the same course twice and launches one of them...we have the transaction id for one of the courses only etc.






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