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Connect Installer Creates Issue with Full Screen Applications on Second Monitor

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Jul 13, 2018 Jul 13, 2018

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A few days ago I began seeing a really strange issue when maximizing (full screen view) my various applications on my second monitor.  I can only refer to it as a massive cropping of the lower right portion of the image for the application I was using.  The application is still fully functional, but you just can't see what you're clicking on in those areas.  Once the issue becomes active upon entering maximized mode, it then follows the application to windowed mode as well.  It stays in this state until the application is fully closed and restarted.  Maximizing the application view only on the second monitor, will consistently evoke the issue. 

I work in IT, so over the last couple of days I tried a few basic tactics to rectify the issue; reboots, rolling back some recent OS updates, display resolution & scaling adjustments, graphics driver updates, etc.  No luck.  This issue quickly began driving me crazy and impacting my productivity, so I really started hunting online for a solution this afternoon.  After trolling numerous search results and forum discussions, I finally came across the thread below regarding Adobe Brackets for which the user screenshots matched my issue exactly. 

     Fullscreen mode on second monitor is bugged after windows creator update · Issue #13349 · adobe/brac... 

This got me thinking.  I had joined a webinar earlier in the week that required me to install Adobe Connect (11.9.985.57).  On that hunch, I proceeded to uninstall Adobe Connect.  A quick reboot later just to play it safe....and viola, no more issue.  Just thought I would share for anyone else experiencing the same.

PC: Microsoft Surface Laptop - Intel Core i5-7300U / 8GB / Intel HD 620

OS: Microsoft Win10 EDU x64 - v1709 - build 16299.248

Second Monitor: HP Compaq LA2205wg






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