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Issues Teaching Week Long Classes

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Jul 08, 2022 Jul 08, 2022

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I know some people use Connect for webinars and improptu meetings, but I am wondering how many use it for teaching a class for a week at a time?  I teach 4 or 5 day classes for 7+ hours a day (I've been doing this with Connect for many years now). I'd like to see what others do in this mode of use.


I assign students to a team for the entire week. It would be great for the Connect class to remember the students and the breakrooms they are assigned to initially. If they get bumped from Connect during a breakout session they could go right back into the assigned room without me having to go to the Main Room to shuttle them to your room. (Perhaps this could be a class Preferences setting to say 'remember room assignment'?) As it is now, they must be re-assigned each day.


I find the new Standard Connect's way of moving students to a breakout room to be cumbersome because of the checkbox that creates a group. It doesn't clear after you move them to a room. The extra step to clear it makes the process a little cumbersome. Maybe a modifier key could be held down that means 'clear the list' after an action is taken from the right click menu? (I wouldn't care about this if my assignment made at the start of the week is remembered all week.) 


I am finding the Std interface (vs Classic) to be smoother and more reliable (bravo Connect team) and it is awesome how it remembers the shared windows when I switch layouts. This lets me go to a break layout for the four 10-minute breaks we have each day. Moving back to the sharing layout is a snap since it is ready to go! PERFECT! This is a big time saver and lets me switch the layouts during a recording so there are nice bookmarks in the recording.









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