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Multihome Adobe Connect for multiple customers? (multihoming, multitenant)

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Aug 04, 2015 Aug 04, 2015

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I'm a product manager for a training company trying to figure out if we've "outgrown" Adobe Connect or not.

For our training offering we want to be able to use a single installation of an LMS (today it's Connect) to serve up common training courses to multiple customers, where a customer is an entire company rather than an individual person.  Within each company we need to delegate access to specific administrative users to add and remove learner users.  Each company needs reports that quickly summarizes all their learners and their progress.  Finally, no company should be able to see any other company or their users. 

So far we've tried:

  • Delegating administrative access within Connect, but this is a dead end because administrators can see all users on the system, including those of other customers
  • Setting up "managers" within Connect, but this is a dead end because managers cannot see Reports (other than the one that makes someone click into each managed user to view status)

In other products, the ability to host separate companies on a common product is called "multihoming" (for search: multihome, multihomed, multi-homing, multi-homed, multi-home, multitenant, multi-tenant) but I haven't been able to find any mention of that capability in Connect.  It looks like Connect has groups, but it also looks like they are mainly used to delegate access to content rather than access to user management.

If you have any ideas, please either reply or contact me directly at jonathan dot lampe at infosecinstitute dot com.  Connect add-ons, Connect integration proposals and alternatives to Connect are all welcome at this point!  ("You could build something with the API..." not so much; I'd rather buy something that works than roll the dice on development.)

Message was edited by: Jonathan Lampe - added more "multihoming" variations for people searching for similar terms

Message was edited by: Jonathan Lampe - added "multitenant" variations for same reason






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