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Alternative to Desktop Sync - increase File Limit upload on Assets.Adobe.com

Enthusiast ,
Aug 07, 2023 Aug 07, 2023

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So with the impending doom of Desktop Sync (Feb 2024)  - I am looking for Adobe's alternative proposal to allow me to upload Video Files greater than 1GB to the Assets Adobe Web address.

Today the FAQ still says this is a 1GB file limit otherwise 'strange results will occur'

Now not sure if this means you will be sucked into a 4th dimension - but on a commercial basis it seems Adobe have (maybe) decided to drop Desktop Sync as it causes them too many headaches ....just my guess, but who knows?.

So as a simple hobbyist for editing and uploading 4K video to Creative Cloud 'My Files' I would appreciate a method to have a solid way to upload 4K videos (or files) greater than the 1GB limit onto the Creative Cloud web platform.

I don't want to pay more monthly fees for another Cloud Solution as I am already struggling to pay my energy and food bills each month, as well as an increased monthly Adobe subscription and I do not sell my content.


Thank you for considering this idea to improve web upload capabilities on Creative Cloud.

If this cannot be achieved,  an alternative nice solution would be to offer users a free annual voucher to Vimeo etc...


After Feb 2024 Adobe offer no current reliable method to upload files bigger than 1GB.

Seriously, having the rug pulled from under our feet like this is not acceptable.


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