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Dropping Features is Bad Business.

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Dec 23, 2023 Dec 23, 2023

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Removing Cloud Sync for existing customers? Please reconsider this decision, Adobe.


One of the best features in Creative Cloud is the seamless integration of many workflows. Adobe has promoted and been promoted for this. And now they have decided that a feature they've given us will be taken away. Ok... look. New customers coming to the platform? Fine. Don't offer it to your new accounts. But to not allow those of us who have been faithfully paying our monthly (or yearly) fees - in my case for probably 15 years - is a terrible business strategy. 


Integration between Photoshop and Aftereffects and Premiere... they all work seamlessly. Just to name three of them... but now Adobe is saying, "automatically syncing your project files to Creative Cloud isn't an important part of the job?" Come on guys, why even call it Creative Cloud? 


Even the US Federal and State Governments (as horrible at business as they are, will grandfather existing business in when they issue legislation that affects a business sector. (Look up "Vested Rights", in California as relates to existing mining when the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act was passed to force miners to abide with the California Environmental Quality Act). 


I can just imagine Adobe's customers suing over their Vested Rights to a feature they've had all along that will be removed... we will likely be charged extra to include it in the future. (Which is kinda the point in granting it to more expensive Enterprise plans, I suppose.) No thanks.


I will likely migrate everything to Dropbox to get the same function that have, up to now, been integrated in CC. It is a major change that has become a distinguishing factor from other NLEs. Seriously, you don't take functions away from good customers. Set the offering for new customers that don't know any better, fine. But find a way to keep enhancing your presence and market dominance for those who have paid for a specific set of services for years!

It's one thing to change a practice, like when Adobe moved from client licensing to a subscription model. There was an adoption process we had to learn and weigh the benefits of the change. But to, in January charge $59.99 for all apps plus Cloud sync and in February remove Cloud sync for the same price?! Sorry, but that's just wrong.  Was Cloud sync a beta feature we all knew we were testing? No. It was part of the value of migrating away from client licensing. It's bait and switch. And it's bad business. 

Business is run on trust. But Adobe has just made it difficult to believe they have our best interest in mind. 


Adobe: Please add my dissatisfaction to the likely growing list of unhappy customers on this one.



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