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NEED to change the language of the Creative Cloud Desktop management app itself

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Feb 22, 2024 Feb 22, 2024

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With the "Creative Cloud Desktop" management app, you can change the installation language of the apps it controls.  What I can't change is the language of the app itself.
On the operating system I can have the language is not English and I have no power to change it, but for the apps I have that chance.
Nonetheless, I cannot find in any way, even looking through all the entries in all the menus of this app, a way to change its own language. It would seem to be tied to the operating system in which it is installed. This way of handling things does not provide me with any means of solving the problem.


( In addition to this, creative cloud itself, on the web, does not allow me to say "speak to me in English," even if I change the language of the browser: it reads the IP and forces me to use the language of the state I am in...but that is not what is useful to me! )


My priority is to change the language of the desktop app and its content to ENGLISH.
This is mainly because the translations to Italian suck and make no sense. Fortunately, I understand English.

Since it seems that the language of the Creative Cloud Desktop app, and of Creative Cloud itself, on the web, is out of the user's control, we need to be able to set it PER-ACCOUNT, not as Adobe wants.

Cloud: NOT determined by IP and each time we have to go to select "geographic zone" --> The geographic zone I am in does NOT match my language by definition. Have you never gone on vacation for tourism? Have you never moved to work where they don't speak your language? Well, much of humanity is in the latter option.

Desktop App: operating systems are not always under the control of the user. But it is PROBABLE that translations and localizations of operating systems are professional and at least not produced de machines that do not understand the subtlety of language and polysemy. For apps, and certainly for Adobe apps, even after numerous reports about nonsense in translations, there has never been any change. So PLEASE at least let us set English as the default and tie this default setting to ACCOUNT. Since you are forcing us to use an account, at least let it be useful for the user as well.


Don't focus only on Ai, folks. Lots of features aren't changed (neural filters update and improvement? old bugs?) even if we gave you notice about them.

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