Adobe Libraries different in Finder than in Creative Cloud Desktop

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Nov 05, 2019 Nov 05, 2019

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I really hope someone can help me figure this out. I am beyond frustrated trying to find an answer!


Up until this point, I really haven't been utilizing Adobe's cloud very much, so it's a newish feature for me (I never had a need since I only worked on one computer where all my assets were stored and don't collaborate often, either). But I'd like to start using it more since I'll be working with their apps and on multiple desktops now. So I went in to clean up my libraries and get them organized and realized that I have a different set of library folders on the Creative Cloud Desktop application than I do in my Windows Finder. I mean, completely different. Nothing is the same. Then, through further investigating, I am finding that different applications are drawing from one or the other library. Photoshop is pulling from the Creative Cloud desktop libraries while Aero on my iPad is pulling from the libraries set up in my desktop finder folder (which makes even less sense!).


Please help!




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