Importing Photos from a Cloud Service to Adobe Cloud.

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Oct 21, 2020 Oct 21, 2020

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Approximaatley 580 raw photos of a recent wedding were uploaded from an SD card to Microsoft's OneDrive Cloud Storage.

Lost half of the images using Microsoft's Cloud Storage. After checking the files, I chose not to consider it a major issue and did not re-import from the SD card.

When moving these raw files from OneDrive to Adobe's Cloud Storage, there was again a loss of about half the photos, sometimes more.

Over 10 attempts at moving these files between OneDrive and Adobe Cloud has resulted in failure.

All 240 raw files in OneDrive will not move from Cloud Storage to Cloud Storage. Sometimes 100+ files transfer successfully, other times it's less than 60.

Something being missed here?

Are the storages incompatiable?

Are these services not built for this? (I would find that hard to believe).

The upload to OneDrive does not seem like a fluke at this point, and something is either wrong with the physical equipment (not likley as everything is literally brand new and internet is never a problem) or it's the storage services. 

What could be causing so much data loss?

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