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Installing CEP extension using exmancd or upia

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Mar 28, 2022 Mar 28, 2022

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We have a C++ plugin that invokes our CEP extension with extension id com.x.y.z. The id of the extension remains same for all CC versions. Thus far, we managed to have separate extension folders with custom folder naming conventions e.g. CC2021-Extension, CC2022-Extension etc in /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions. The manifest.xml was adjusted according to CC version e.g. [16.0, 16.9]. This worked well so far.


But now, we are onboarding to using either exmancmd or upia as per this article. However, we are observing that extension folder name is determined as 'com.x.y.z' for our CEP extension. While this is good, it appears to prevent co-existence of our extension for two CC versions. If I install CC2021 extension, then installing CC2022 extension indicates success but the files still remain from CC2021. It appears, I must uninstall CC2021 extension and then install CC2022 extension.


Qn1: How do I have co-existence of CEP extension across CC versions using exmancmd or upia?


I was referred to this article, but that article also suggest that CEP extension will be installed to preexisting folder and does not accept destination settings.

Qn2: Am I missing something obvious here?


I have a few questions on the signing pre-requisite for the CEP extension.


ZXPSignCmd appears to be have two versions ZXPSignCmd v4.1.103 and recently updated 4.1.2. However, the latter does not have a Windows version.


Qn3: So, am I supposed to be signing the extensions separately on Windows machine and Mac machine using v4.1.103 and v4.1.2 on Mac?


In my environment, signing extension using v4.1.103 on Windows and using on Mac and Windows using exmancmd and/or upia seems to be working fine in initial tests.


Apologies for the long post, but the documentation and guidance from Adobe documentation isn't very helpful









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