Adobe CC Cloud file management seems horrible

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May 19, 2020 May 19, 2020

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New to CC after hanging on to CS6 forever. My expereince with cloud file management is pretty horrible so far:


  1. So there is Creative Cloud Files and Cloud Documents which took a while to work out the difference even after reading the documentation several times. The word "File" is synonomous with "Document" why does Adobe think this naming is in any way helpful. Why are they two completely different things anyway? Surely they should be integrated. Who wants to keep their project files spread accross two different systems?
  2. The experience for cloud saving is different in every app, different UI and different features. There seems to be no way to view/create Cloud Document folders for example in Adobe XD, just one long mess of a list, growing by the day. In Photoshop I eventually found a randomly placed button for Cloud Documents in the open/save dialogue boxes. I can create folders from here but I can't see any files in a folder that arn't photoshop files.
  3. I think Cloud Documents is meant to offer file versioning (Adobe doesn't seem to support native Apple file versioning). I can get this to work in XD but not Photoshop. Illustrator and InDesign don't seem to support Cloud Documents at all so I guess that means no autosave and file versioning for them? That's pretty annoying as I've found Illustrator is still prone to crashing. InDesign still recovers a document after a crash just like it has for a long time but this seems like an old feature unrelated to Cloud Documents (and never implemented in any other app).
  4. There doesn't seem to be a centralised native app for file managment. Bridge describes itself as "centralized access to all of the files and assets to need for creative projects" but it looks like maybe its only really for photos, the UI looks ancient (is it being actively developed?) and it doesn't seem to have anything to do with Cloud Documents. I have found a clunky web app (no drag and drop?!) which wasn't obvious to find and doesn't feel very integrated to any applications.


Urgh it all just feels like a mess. I really expected something a lot better for the price. Do professional organisations really use the cloud file management features to organise their work? Am I missing something crucial?

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